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single-ply membrane systems

Shield Your Building With the Best

Fisher Roof Solutions installs Conklin Roofing Systems’ single-ply membrane systems, which are the industry’s best. During installation, membrane rolls are overlapped and welded together to form an exceptionally durable, waterproof, and energy-efficient shield that will deliver unmatched protection for many years. Single-ply membrane systems are an excellent choice because they:

  • Can be applied in all seasons
  • Perform in all climates
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Offer superior protection from wind, rain and hail
  • Offer fire and chemical resistance
  • 20-year warranty now available

If you would like to learn more about the high-quality, single-ply membrane systems that last, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have! Give us a call to schedule!

Membrane Coating System

Breathe New Life Into an Old Roof

Fisher Roof Solutions has taken innovation to new heights with this complete waterproofing system for age-approved membranes. This system can improve and extend the life of an existing roof. As roof membranes become weathered, rooftops can crack, leak, and pick up dirt which can diminishing their effectiveness and energy-saving properties. Conklin Roofing Systems’ elastomeric coatings provide a cost-effective solution for repairing and preserving approved membranes, resulting in improved energy savings.

Elastomeric coatings will:

  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Lower utility expenses
  • Stop leaking with superior waterproofing
  • Keep the old roof out of the landfill

If you’re ready to reinforce your current roof, call us to install a membrane coating system.

Metal Roof Restoration

From Leaky Metal Roofing To Seamless Cool White

Metal roof restoration needed? Don’t replace your roof – restore it! your metal roof prone to leaks or rust? Fisher Roof Solutions specializes in Conklin’s MR System® installation, which is a complete waterproofing system for metal roofs. It stops leaks and prevents rust. The finish coat is energy-efficient, long-lasting and attractive. This metal roof replacement will extend the life of your roof for many years. During the metal roof restoration process, each problem area is addressed, repaired and resealed, and the entire roof is coated with a reflective finish coat.

Benefits of the Conklin’s Metal Roofing System:

  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Prevents leaks and rust
  • Extends the life of existing roof
  • Enhances roof’s appearance

SPF Roofing Systems

Can Your Roof Weather the Storm?

Spray polyurethane foam roofing systems (SPF), are a high-grade option that will shield your business from the elements year-round. SPF roofing systems from Conklin control air infiltration and make your space more energy-efficient. This waterproof material stops lateral water movement, extends the life of your roof, and is simple to repair. Schedule a free consultation with Fisher Roof Solutions to learn more about SPF and insulation roofing systems. Focused on protecting your investment, our lead roofing contractor has specialized training, and will oversee your project from start-to-finish. Besides SPF and insulation roofing systems, we’re also proficient with fabric reinforced roofing systems. Speak with the roofing professional at Fisher Roof Solutions today.

Fabric reinforced roofing systems

Want to Protect Your Business and Lower Your Energy Costs?

Fabric reinforced roofing systems from Conklin Roofing Systems offer maintenance-free protection and will extend the life of your existing roof. Made from a flexible fabric that has a seamless acrylic coating, this material is lightweight, rot- and split-resistant, and perfect for new or existing installations. Conklin’s fabric reinforced roofing systems prolong the life of your roof, and the reflective material makes your building more energy-efficient. As a business owner, we know you don’t have time to deal with multiple roofing issues. Allow Fisher Roof Solutions to install a new roof.  This roofing system focuses on quality, sustainability and energy efficiency. Call David Fisher for an appointment.

Roof Cleaning

All Roofs Need Proper Maintenance

As you already know, investing in proper maintenance saves both time and money in the long run. In fact, one could even say that maintenance reduces stress. With professional annual maintenance, you’ll never worry about drains plugged with dirt or leaves. Leaks can be found and repaired before they even happen. In addition, failures can be averted due to preventative maintenance. The list could go on, all these are ways that your life can be simpler and easier. Save money by hiring Fisher Roof Solutions to clean and maintain your roof for the ultimate peace of mind.